I’m A Frayed Knot

My illustrious Literate Housewife has tagged my bloggy ass with this random thing thingy. So I’ll reciprocate with the following, then tag 6 more suckas (do I still know 6 people with blogs?):

1)  I am no longer addicted to news and political op-ed on the Internet. Now I’m addicted to shopping online.

2)  During my irresponsible adolescent years, I let a hermit crab die of neglect.

3)  As someone who’s passionate about movies, I feel vindicated by the widescreen aspect of HDTV. Now, everyone who bought “full screen” DVD’s to avoid those black bars at the top and bottom will be complaining about the black space on the sides!

4) Utilizing Microsoft Paint within their operating system known as Windows, I draw whatever my kids tell me to draw. For example:

5)  I’m hoping that the tradition of suits and ties as the “neat dress” standard changes to something much more casual within my lifetime. To me, this is more important than the development of fuel cell technology.

6)  One of my biggest regrets is not learning to play a musical instrument when I was younger.

Now I’ll commence with the tagging:


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