Peed The Fig

I’m always annoyed when that freaky, stern man/pig hybrid rudely interrupts the guy who’s trying to buy a big screen TV in the “Feed The Pig” public service commercial. But that’s a subject for another, much longer post.

Today I’m writing to help you starve your meddling, stick-in-the-mud, party pooping pig. Sure, the poor swine will suffer, but the rest of us normal humans will be wallowing in sloppy new merch. Time to re-memorize those credit card numbers, because today I happened upon the Deal Of The Day Tracker site! It’s simply a great little site that tracks daily deals from all the sources you’d expect.

And if you notice the right-hand sidebar of this blog, I’ve added their RSS feed so you can keep up with the latest deals while “voiding out” here with me.

Does this present more ways to spend, or more ways to save? OINK!, I say.


Wootier Than Woot!? is still the king of the “Deal of the Day” (DOD) sites, but I’ve been unfaithful to them lately by checking out the other sites tracked by the Wootalyzer utility. I’ve purchased items from Stootsi, 1 Sale A Day, Thing Fling, My Daily Steal and Tanga. All have good items every so often and I can recommend each one except for Stootsi (I did win their daily photo caption contest and got $50 worth of stuff for free, but they shipped one wrong item and generally their offerings and humor are lame).

However, one site that has risen to the top of the heap is Thing Fling. Their offerings are the most Woot!-like, the site has a nice feel and the community is rather vibrant. Lately, they’ve been trumping Woot! somewhat with some fun and unpredictable offerings, which include frequent “mystery boxes” that are much easier to score (though more expensive) than the famous $1 Woot! “Bag of Crap”. No only that, but after I signed up and ordered my first item, three coupons were added to my account–2 for $5 off, and one for 10% off.

Thing Fling has also moved away from just a single item per day, so if you keep checking you’ll see a few different things to fling each day. Processing and shipping of orders is a bit slow, but still I recommend giving them a try.

Music Gets Affordable

Kudos to Circuit City for offering the 40 currently popular CD releases for $9.99 (each, that is)!

The 7 to 10 dollar range is where the price for mainstream music CDs should have been for at least the past 10 years. This kind of move by a major chain should help bring prices down elsewhere, though such reactionary online discount shops as DeepDiscountCD are lagging behind the trend so far. I hope Circuit City continues this offer permanently to prod the music CD market in a positive direction.

So will this help curb illegal downloading? Unlikely, since the bulk of the swappers are young folks with a minimal cash flow. But the record industry suits shouldn’t worry–as CD prices drop they’ll easily recover their profits as the rest of us start buying again.

Just beware of those copy-protected discshesitation.