Andy What’s-His-Face

I know it’s been on for a while now, but I’m finally starting to enjoy The Andy Milonakis Show on a regular basis. I’m such a fan that I can almost pronounce his name!


In the past I’ve found the weird comedy offerings on MTV2 to be wildly hit or miss. They’re either too far out in left field, overly gross or mean-spirited. Milonakis is definitely the kind of bizarre, absurdist show that many people don’t get, but Andy’s chirpy and energetic personality grounds the strangeness perfectly.

As a matter of fact, a lot of the brief sketches harken back to the groundbreaking work of the beloved Ernie Kovacs, who used primitive video effects (the only kind available then) to great comic effect. For example, a series of Milonakis sketches feature Andy repeatedly flicking a light switch on and off while wondering aloud "what does this do?" With each flick of the switch we see some object in his apartment (such as his dog!) appear and disappear. It’s this kind of minimalist goofiness that has won me over!

If you have access to MTV2, give this very funny show a chance. Since MTV2 is programmed by deranged, drug-addled ocelots, it airs at various times throughout the week. I think the official night might be Friday, but who knows? Or you can click here to check out some video clips.