Down Under Jerky

Today I had the pleasure(?) of sampling “jerky” versions of three animals native to Australia–crocodile, kangaroo and emu. Thanks to co-worker Steve for bringing these fascinating packets of dried and cured fauna back from his recent trip.

The emu was my favorite, with the least gamy and somewhat turkey-ish flavor. The croc was not too bad either, though this particular jerked version was somewhat spicy. It had a faint taste similar to the smell that reptiles have at the zoo or pet store. It’s almost a fish-like taste, but more earthy. Which makes sense if you think about it!

The kangaroo was disgusting. I expected more of a deer flavor, but it tasted almost rancid and vaguely toward the rotting flesh end of the scale. So tie me kangaroo down, sport–and leave him for the vultures.

Maybe this is a silly experience to write about, but it does illustrate how far I’ve come since my recent bout with the stomach flu. Now I can eat salty and exotic meats with the best of them. 😀


2 Responses

  1. So you’ve eaten some random meat jerkies… Why not tell us more random things about yourself? I’ve tagged you for a game. Details are on my blog…

  2. Homemade (and homeshot) venison jerky wins.


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