Peed The Fig

I’m always annoyed when that freaky, stern man/pig hybrid rudely interrupts the guy who’s trying to buy a big screen TV in the “Feed The Pig” public service commercial. But that’s a subject for another, much longer post.

Today I’m writing to help you starve your meddling, stick-in-the-mud, party pooping pig. Sure, the poor swine will suffer, but the rest of us normal humans will be wallowing in sloppy new merch. Time to re-memorize those credit card numbers, because today I happened upon the Deal Of The Day Tracker site! It’s simply a great little site that tracks daily deals from all the sources you’d expect.

And if you notice the right-hand sidebar of this blog, I’ve added their RSS feed so you can keep up with the latest deals while “voiding out” here with me.

Does this present more ways to spend, or more ways to save? OINK!, I say.


One Response

  1. i have six little pigs who say “feed the pig!” at least six times a day.

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