Wootier Than Woot!?

Woot.com is still the king of the “Deal of the Day” (DOD) sites, but I’ve been unfaithful to them lately by checking out the other sites tracked by the Wootalyzer utility. I’ve purchased items from Stootsi, 1 Sale A Day, Thing Fling, My Daily Steal and Tanga. All have good items every so often and I can recommend each one except for Stootsi (I did win their daily photo caption contest and got $50 worth of stuff for free, but they shipped one wrong item and generally their offerings and humor are lame).

However, one site that has risen to the top of the heap is Thing Fling. Their offerings are the most Woot!-like, the site has a nice feel and the community is rather vibrant. Lately, they’ve been trumping Woot! somewhat with some fun and unpredictable offerings, which include frequent “mystery boxes” that are much easier to score (though more expensive) than the famous $1 Woot! “Bag of Crap”. No only that, but after I signed up and ordered my first item, three coupons were added to my account–2 for $5 off, and one for 10% off.

Thing Fling has also moved away from just a single item per day, so if you keep checking you’ll see a few different things to fling each day. Processing and shipping of orders is a bit slow, but still I recommend giving them a try.


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