Straight Outta Ashamblesburg!

bullwinkle.jpgThe blog is back! Yes, I’ve decided to try blogging again, and to quote Bullwinkle Moose, “this time for sure!” Really? Well, we’ll see. This time I’m going somewhat more for quantity over quality, so I can hopefully keep things vibrant and interesting.

And I’ve decided to leave the comfort of the excellent and highly recommended They offered a much nicer interface for creating and managing a blog than you get with free sites. But my blogging “hiatus” lasted for more than a year, and during that time I paid Squarespace more money than I’d like to think about. Since I hardly even logged into my account during that period, it was basically a donation. With this relatively free WordPress account, I can neglect my blog without guilt or financial consequence!

So look for more frequent updates, musings that are perhaps more shallow (how is that possible?) and the return of The Detuned Revue. And as I’m cleaning up the old posts I imported from Ashamblesburg, please forgive the missing images and files, broken links, strange formatting and such. I also welcome any template suggestions for the new blog.

With the Ashamblesburg blog and domain now retired, I’m ready to move forward and share my empty universe of plenty with the world. Welcome to Voiducopia!


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