Sober Navigations

That rural shortcut didn’t ease our desperation
Neither did the coffee or the sleep deprivation
Hairpin curves twisted from our destination
To meet us halfway in a tsunami-like collision

And sleep deprivation colored my perception
And that substance heightened your hallucination
But you were more lucid in your faulty perception
Than I was in my perfectly sober navigations

Something was in the road that I maneuvered around
A suede fedora or a dog licking its pubic bone?
A crumpled paper bag was the punchline you found
So amusing along the trail of ash we laid down

Let processed sugar white out my perception
Another substance heightened your hallucination
But you were more perceptive in your worst observations
Than I was in my bestest sober navigations

Pinheads are our heads
And twin heads are better fed
Our heads are spun heads
Dizzy with coordinates

So late to camp with singer and guitar case
Under wooden canopy; restless crowd in place
They silenced the mic on my opening disgrace
When the show commenced their doubts were soon erased

Microcephalic twin sisters played tug-of-war
With my father’s old black silk Navy scarf
Your presence was honored with a warmer reception
Than my socially inept sober navigations.





2 Responses

  1. I like this one. What is this one about? 😉 Since I’m always wrong, I’ll just come out and ask.

  2. Have you ever been late for a gig at a camp for "special" children? Not everyone has, but now you can experience it somewhat!

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