Ghostly Lo-Fi Wave

A mix I made for my kids’ recent Halloween-themed birthday party, now appearing as Episode 013 of The Detuned Revue!

I found most of this music on various sites, and much of it was in a low quality WAV format. Audacity normalized all the tracks down to the same level, with the resulting mix sounding like an AM radio show. Just think of it as the audio equivalent of a sepia toned photo.

The artists I know are listed, but for others I only have the title:

1. ROD SERLING – Twilight Zone Theme/THE FALL – Mansion mix

2. Trick or Treat

3. DAVID SEVILLE – Witch Doctor

4. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

5. The Pumpkin Patch Polka

6. RIAA – Casper The Friendly Queen

7. Where Do You Keep Your Brain?

8. JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS – Here Come The Martian Martians

9. Haunted House Music/Disney Haunted House mix

10. Skeleton Jones


12. Munsters Theme

13. We Don’t Want A Monster In Our House

14. DANNY ELFMAN – This Is Halloween (from Nightmare Before Christmas)

15. THE FALL – City Hobgoblins

16. DJ ENGINEER – Happy Mash-O-Ween

17. LAURIE BERKNER – Monster Boogie

18. Tonight Is Halloween

19. JOHN IRWIN – Imagine The Thriller (remix)

20. MR. FAB – Dark Shadows Chachacha

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