IceFlowCoreSampleJetStreamGreenHousePartyBen (Heating)

WARNING! Failure to follow the instructions for Episode 011 of The Detuned Revue could result in serious injury to yourself or others: 1) Throw a party. 2) Play your own tunes for the first 90 mins., then crank up “IceFlowCoreSampleJetStreamGreenHousePartyBen (Heating)” as the party falls into a lull. 3) Mop up any beer, vodka, sweat or potting soil that may have spilled. 4) Chill the now blistering scene with “IceFlowCoreSampleJetStreamGreenHousePartyBen (Chilling)” [forthcoming]. 5) Leave comments below.

1. DJ SHADOW – Right Thing/GDMFSOB

2. JUNIOR SENIOR – Rhythm Bandits

3. BASEMENT JAXX – Breakaway

4. CLASH STEFANI (PARTY BEN MIX) – Radio Hollaback

5. ANNIE – Me Plus One

6. RADIO 4 – Get Set To Fall Out

7. SHRIEKBAK – Everything That Rises Must Converge

8. M.I.A. – 10 Dollar

9. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – Beat Connection

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