We All Have Our Periods

Few recent postings…no site improvements…extremely overdue podcast. What the heck’s going on over at Ashamblesburg, you might ask. Or, you might not.

My excuses are many and quite varied. And not really worth mentioning, other than to say I’m physically and mentally exhausted, and going through a non-creative period. I still have plenty of ideas and subjects to write about, but I can’t shape them into a presentable form. Too many distractions. Too busy. The kids are too demanding. The blog traffic is too low for me to put much effort into this right now.

For the Windows users out there who enjoy opening Task Manager to see the list of processes running on your machine, I decided to open the task list in my brain to find out which processes are sapping my mental resources. Here’s the log:


The good news is that the next two episodes of The Detuned Revue (a 2-part party mix!) have been sitting on my computer for several weeks at 90% completion. That means it won’t take much of a push to get the first part posted over the next few days. The second part will follow soon after. Please show your support for this spiffy podcast by listening, commenting and telling your family and friends about it. I’ve had virtually no hits on the podcast, so I can only assume that either no one likes what I play or everyone is now into Web video (YouTube, etc.) instead. Or could it be that podcasts were never the huge phenomenon the media made them out to be?

I thought maybe The Detuned Revue simply sucked and everybody was too nice to tell me, but then I listened to a few of the more popular podcasts on Digital Podcast and found mine to be equal or superior in content and packaging (in my opinion, anyway). Am I wrong? Any suggestions on what I could change to grab more listeners? Or should I end the podcast altogether and put the effort into something else at Ashamblesburg?


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  1. Nope, the only W&G I ever saw was this movie and I just didn’t find it that interesting. As I said the kids liked it, but it wasn’t my cup o’ tea;) That’s okay though. Wouldn’t do for us all to like the same thing.

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