Satan, Don’t Lose That Number

1202.jpgAs you certainly must know by now, today is "666" day! From downtown Hell, Michigan to the underground uranium enrichment facilities of Iran, folks around the globe are marveling at this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Most people seem to have a lighthearted, Halloweenish attitude about good ol’ six hundred and sixty-six, but there are some who regard it much more seriously. Has it really come to pass that 666 is The Mark of the Beast that allows all heathens passage into the Devil’s Warehouse Club?

My Social Security number has a single 6 in it, and when I was a kid my Lionel O-gauge model train had an engine with the number 666 on the side. It exuded horrible smelling smoke if you dripped some of that special fluid into the smoke stack, but it was more cheesy than Satanic. And it’s pure evil that I’ll never see any of the thousands of dollars per year I’m sacrificing to Social Security, but I don’t recall any government officials coming by to brand any numbers or symbols onto my forehead. Does a mosquito bite count?

So I hope everyone had one hell of a day. I dressed for hot weather, though it’s cooling off rather quickly now. Do you think that means something is freezing over? Anti-social. 


One Response

  1. To me, 666 is a superstition like any other. Would satan really be that obvious?BTW – I had forgotten all about that satan from The Passion of the Christ. SPOOKY!

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