Music Spy

If you want to pretend you’re with the NSA and feel that nervous rush of excitement that comes with peering into the private world of an eMusic member, you can go here to see everything I’ve ever downloaded. You can also spy on my ratings and reviews, if that’s your "thing".

Someday I’ll put together an official review of eMusic, but for now I’ll let you know that if’n you love music and if’n you ain’t skeerd of MP3’s and if’n you listen beyond Top 40 then you should sign up today. Forget about iTunes or Napster or Wal-Mart or any of the other online download services that use digital rights management (DRM) schemes to limit how their music files can be used. eMusic offers high-quality MP3’s from a vast range of independent artists, and these files can be transferred between computers or MP3 players or burned onto CD’s zillions of times.

You’ll have to pay a monthly fee for a set number of downloads, but the final cost per MP3 ends up being not the usual .99 or .88, but 25 cents or less! Yes, just like with the hyper-inflated price of a barrel of oil (it only costs $4 per barrel to get the stuff out of the ground!), most online music services are ripping us off. Comforting. 


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