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< Complicated

My mind doesn’t work
Like a mind that goes in a line
From A to B all the time
It thrives on routine
But still has been seen
Seeking change at every turn
Novelty can be well-worn

And you should know me better
Contradictions should be familiar
Concentrate and observe
I’m greater than easy to figure
And less than complicated

Look at all the paths
Leading into my decisions
And myriad motivations
You predict I will stick
To the same old script
But I often change the ending
To make more common sense

And you should know me better
Expectations should be higher
After so much time
I’m > easy to figure
And < complicated

I’m moving forward
When it seems like I’m standing still
Don’t guess that I haven’t changed
Look backwards at the habits I’ve killed

I put on a hard act
Impossible yet fallible
And possible to follow
I will throw the knives
As you’re spinning blind
But take comfort in the fact
That I’m practically practiced

And you should know me better
I’m as harmless as sharp cheddar
Armed with good intentions
I’m > easy to figure
And < complicated.




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