Kingdom of Heaven


Remember this epic movie that was panned by critics and ignored by audiences when it was released? An acquaintance of mine bought a bootleg copy of the director’s cut at a convention a few weeks ago, and he said it’s a completely different film. In fact, he says it’s probably one of his all-time favorite movies, and certainly one of the best of 2005.

Now the 4 DVD director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven is being officially released next week, and this article appears to confirm everything I was told. I always thought this movie had potential, and I found the subject matter to be interesting and relevant. But, like so many others, I stayed away because of all the bad press and word-of-mouth. Now that it’s free from studio influence and restored to Ridley Scott’s original vision, I can’t wait to see it!

Orlando Bloom fans take note–this is allegedly his breakthrough role as a lead actor.


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  1. I’m up for anything with a naked Orlando Bloom!

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