Feed The Tree

Curious readers, may I direct your attention to the bottom of this page where a miraculous process is taking place. Through the magic of JavaScript, you can now view the 5 most recent headlines from Our Shady Tree, Jennifer’s wondrous family blog. If a headline catches your eye and you want to read the posting, simply click the headline and you’re off to the races!

The JavaScript I used to pull this off simply points to the XML (RSS or Atom) feed for Jennifer’s blog, and the headlines update whenever you view or refresh an Ashamblesburg page. I put a similar script on Our Shady Tree that points back to Life A Shambles and displays headlines on the sidebar. I was forced to place the feed in the footer here because Squarespace apparently doesn’t support JavaScript in their "passthrough" modules on the sidebar. I hope they eventually address this limitation.

But enough about my problems. You’re probably wondering whether you can put a feed on your own blog. Why most certainly! My hours of research and testing have come to this easy recommendation–copy the URL for the XML feed (any feed should work) you want to appear on your blog or Web site, then go to Feed2JS and follow the instructions for generating a "feed-to-JavaScript" script. Next, copy your script and paste it into the links section of your blog sidebar, or position it somewhere on your Web page. If you want to include additional feeds, just follow the same procedure for each.

I did find another site that offers an RSS-To-JavaScript generator with more features, but I couldn’t get it to work with Atom feeds. FeedBurner will let you convert your Atom feed to RSS (attention Blogger users!), but even with conversion enabled the script wouldn’t display the Our Shady Tree headlines. I suspect that Blogger uses some kind of non-standard formatting.

If you have trouble getting your feeds to work, please email me and I might be able to offer limited assistance based on my experiences.


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