Frets, Circuits, Keys & Switches

In Episode 009 of The Detuned Revue, hear acoustic tunes mesh and mix with electronic pieces, for those who scarcely thought it was possible. It’s like, as Brautigan put it, being all watched over by machines of loving grace.

1. BLUE HIGHWAY – Endless Train

2. LEMON JELLY – ’76 AKA The Slow Train

3. ALISON KRAUSS & UNION STATION – Unionhouse Branch

4. LAMB – Scratch Bass

5. BOOT – Vildhonung (Wild Honey)

6. TRICKY DISCO – Tricky Disco

7. SWAP – Salvation (Drever’s Waltz/The Salvation)

8. FELIX LABAND – Miss Teardrop

"…a cybernetic forest
filled with pines and electronics
where deer stroll peacefully
past computers…"

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