Complicity Of Silence

koran.jpgI think I can safely assume that most of my family and friends are Christian. As a Christian, can you imagine how you would feel if some insane, militant splinter group from your religion started killing people and blowing things up both in this country and around the world? How did you feel in the 80’s when militant Christians were shooting doctors who perform abortions? Were you angry at these nutcases, and did you denounce their cause and call for moderation?

That gives you a little hint of what Muslims around the world are facing today. Lunatics hungry for power and influence in the Arab world have turned Islam into an evil tool to control the thoughts and actions of devout followers, and they’ve done this by demonizing all of Western civilization as the enemy. And, of course, this enemy can only be vanquished by complete devotion to the cause and unflinching support for the militant fundamentalist "religious" leaders (for those of you who think the "military/industrial complex" is a frightening concept, consider the more historically significant military/religious complex).

We have to presume that the majority of Muslims are moderate, but many of us have wondered why their collective voices haven’t been raised against this threat to their religion and culture. We know that the strength of moderate, mainstream Muslims is the best defense against the militant, fringe fundamentalist sects, so when will they awaken to this desperate situation? The truth is, they have. And as usual, the story is too uninteresting to achieve heavy rotation (or even much of a mention) across most media outlets.

Which brings me to this fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal. It will give you a lucid, insider’s overview of the Islamic terrorist situation, it will introduce you to an important moderate Muslim and her essential mission, and it will give you hope that with the right attention and support in the right locations, this whole terrorism mess might one day be reduced to an amazing story we can tell to our grandchildren.


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