Better Living Through Piety

In honor of family and friends who are abstaining from various worldly pursuits during Lent, I’ve decided to make a list of things I’ll be giving up for the next several weeks:

Danny’s Agnostic Sacrifices

Cigars, horseradishes, Goya canned products, Lasik, girdles, heavy lifting, scrapple, uranium enrichment, Nickelback, yachts, the Pi Puppids, lotto, tri-cornered hats, cinnamon toothpicks, port security, hair gel, my 2008 presidential bid, excessive blog posting, spirulina, DVD of Dirty Love, hope of anyone downloading my podcasts.

It’s going to be a difficult month, but I’ll be all the better for it at the end.  Mowing the grass.


2 Responses

  1. They say you should give up things that mean a lot to you for lent.So I’m giving up sobriety, tolerence, common sense, and monogamy.Man it’s going to be a tough month.

  2. I bet that Nickelback one won’t last a week.

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