A Few Pointers

I know that many people would consider bowling a 136 game to be exciting news, but I’ve done something even more audacious. You guessed it…I registered my first domain! This very blog ( yes, the one you’re reading) now answers to www.ashamblesburg.com when called from your browser. The old ashamblesburg.squarespace.com address still works, so there’s no need to update your links unless you’re really bored.

It’s amazing how easy and inexpensive the domain registration process has become. And with the simple instructions and features provided by Squarespace, I had the new domain pointed to this blog within minutes. Along the way I also gained a greater understanding of how the Web works. Registering a domain basically just lists your address in a huge directory, then the rest is controlled by pointers between this directory listing and any servers that need to recognize it as a legitimate Web address.

I had to upgrade my Squarespace account in order to point the www.ashamblesburg.com address to it, but this means I now have more bandwidth and storage space available! You’ll soon notice that 3 or 4 weeks of The Detuned Revue are available instead of just 2, and I’ll be able to host more pictures and other files. Fortunately, I didn’t need to sign up for additional Web hosting services because the domain registration company I used allows me to "park" my address on their servers and point it directly to Ashamblesburg.

Life on the Web is good! I do appreciate all my faithful readers out there. But now it’s time to put a greater effort toward enhancing my content in hopes of attracting more traffic.  A lot of work.


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