Words Untangled

If you’re a songwriter in need of lyrics, or if you know a songwriter who has lots of music but no words, may I direct your attention to my Tangled Words journal.

This journal is a repository of a cross-section of a sample of a fraction of the self proclaimed "better" things I’ve written lately (more from my extensive backlog will be posted over time). You’ll find the occasional poem or essay, but most are meant to be song lyrics. I rarely write them with a complete or original tune in mind, but I often have a certain existing song in mind that I use as a template for structure, rhythm and feeling.

Please feel free to use these lyrics any way you see fit. All I ask for is a songwriting or "Lyrics By" credit and a copy of the final work. I do have experience writing songs as a member of a band, collaborating with bands of which I’m not a member and working with individual artists. I invite you to alter the lyrics any way you like, or I will work with you on rewrites. And if you have a piece of music that none of my lyrics seem to fit, I’ll even work with you (or independently) to write brand new words for your tune.

All I ask is that you please don’t steal my work. I’m not looking for one cent of profit from anything I’ve written–just recognition as the original author. If I discover any unauthorized use, I’ll track you down and brand your forehead with a giant © !


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