Methodical madness hit the barrier
Of the rough and rugged rural carrier
She did a stint in arterial photography
Scored stop bath at the local apothecary
Prints reveal stereotypical stalactite
Bespectacled butchers bypassed with barbiturates

Mathematical persuasion fractured the faction
Consortiums consumed concentrated solution
The carrier leaked out a secret perfume
One atom from the tide and one from the moon
Her curtain was pulled to curtail the flares
And clouded emulsion from harrowing stares

A seizure that started with a leisurely rhythm
Congested the cavern of the carrier’s sternum
Her route retreated in tunnel revision
A whirlpool of purpose, meaning and mission
Now the mailbox gapes like a galloping grouper
A wish out of fodder on a deserted schooner.



Originally published 11-23-2004 at


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