Review: Velodyne VRP-1000 10-in. Rear Port Subwoofer

This is my first subwoofer, and so far I’m extremely happy with it. I don’t have enough experience to compare it to other subs in the same budget category, but it serves my needs perfectly. I have a home theater setup in a 16’x14′ basement room with only 2 front bookshelf speakers (Paradigm Titans), and I simply wanted to punch up the low end a bit.

I hooked the Velodyne sub to the dedicated subwoofer (LFE) connection on my receiver, and though this supposedly isn’t the best way to connect, it seems to work just fine. It adds the rumble I need to DVD movies, and it brings music alive with smooth and natural bass. The auto on/off feature is not always found in lower end subs, but the VRP-1000 thankfully has it. That’s one less thing to remember to turn off.

In lieu of actually listening to subs before buying, I researched them extensively on the Web. Velodyne is a highly respected yet affordable brand, and my experience with this sub has confirmed their reputation. It’s well-built, sounds wonderful and the black ash cabinet matches my other speakers and components nicely.

The VRP-1000 lists for $250, but you can usually find it for much less. Circuit City carries both this 10" sub and the 12" model, and occasionally puts them on sale at 40% off. I bought my mine at for $166 with free shipping (huge savings since subs are heavy and normally cost $30-$40 to ship), so the combination of quality and affordability make the VRP-1000 a fantastic value.


  • Smooth, natural sound.
  • Quality construction.
  • Nice finish.
  • Low street price.


  • If you’re not familiar with setting up a subwoofer to optimally integrate with your speakers, the manual won’t help.
  • Probably won’t satisfy audiophiles.


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