Flu Strikes Mayor!

Things are truly ashambles around here today, as I have taken sick as the proverbial dog.  Comforting.

Yes, the dreaded stomach flu has come to visit me in the worst way. Such as illness brings up many important questions, such as how long after I vomit should I still have nausea and that succulent vomit taste in my throat? Seems like too long so far.

The very thought of food is unwelcome. My diet today consisted of ice chips garnished with water and apple juice. I tried a soda cracker or two but they were unwelcome deep within me. So the lack of food and weakness has made me very emotional.

I watched a show on Discovery Times about the 1999 Oklahoma City tornadoes and wept at the tragedy of the children that were injured and killed. Then I viewed a movie off the DVR–Osama, which has got to be one of the bleakest films every made (though as pure a work of visual poetry as I have ever seen, and highly recommended). It was not the spirit-lifting experience I needed, but it took my mind off the nausea for 90 minutes.

In both cases I watched stories of people much worse off than me, so I can’t really complain. Now it’s back to sleep for the 100th time.


One Response

  1. The flu SUCKS. What’s worse than being on the bathroom floor all day with the stomach flu? Having the flu while holding your wife’s hair back over the toilet while your kids are heaving in their beds (pretty picture, I know). I hope the sickies pass lightly over the rest of the family, or at LEAST takes turns.

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