Lame Duck Luau & The Cheap Life

Welcome to 2006! Will it be a dream, or a dud? The first Detuned Revue of the new year is awaiting your ears, and I must admit it’s my personal favorite so far.

Starting with this Revue, each episode will have a title that reflects the theme. I didn’t plan to have themes for the podcast, but that’s the direction my brain has taken. Not all episodes will have themes, and the ones that don’t will have a title that reflects the absence of a theme.  Dying from the heat. 

In this episode I’m thinking about how bleak the world looks when viewed through the news media, movies, books, TV or our own personal fatalist attitudes. Sometimes life seems cheap when it’s so effortlessly ended by war, disease, fanaticism, criminals and natural disasters. Is reality far worse than the compressed media version, or does the complete picture look more hopeful?

1. DEVOTCHKA – The Enemy Guns

2. KINGS OF LEON – Four Kicks

3. M.O.T.O. – I Am A Bomb

4. RIC GARY – Pimples and Braces

5. M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun

6. RX – Dick Is A Killer

7. LADYTRON – Soft Power

8. NELLIE MCKAY – Won’t U Please B Nice

9. THE GRATES – Message

10. BLACK SUNDAY – Torture Torture

11. THE DONNER PARTY – Sickness

Whether you love or hate this episode, the comments link is interested in your impressions. Thanks for listening!


One Response

  1. this is the first of your podcasts i’ve listened to and it’s a genuine good’un (just got back from an event in Durham featuring "Northern Soul" DJ’s from across the land, so – yeah – i appreciate that throwing some songs together doth not constitute a "set"). i look forward to going back to some of your past programs !also: in the curiosity corner is an SF(?) novel set in … 1999 Richmond: The Watch by Dennis Danvers. came out a few years back, but i only recently heard of it. the gimmick is that Peter Kropotkin, instead of dying in 1921, is given the opportunity to live – as a 40 yr old – in the aforementioned Time and Place. i was half expecting the story to become unbearably silly, but it’s really quite good and – how should i say? – "ethically correct" without being preachy…

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