Aiding & Abetting

I’ve been working with a friend to assemble a news parody Web site for quite some time, but we’ve finally launched it! If you need relief from the weight of the world, just trudge on over to News2Lose and your burdens will evaporate.

I love to write material for the site because it gives me a chance to let my hair down (quite figuratively, of course) and vent frustrations in a less formal way. If I didn’t have to actually earn a living, I could sit and write goofy news items all day! I could post this stuff here, though I want Ashamblesburg to appeal to a more general audience and sometimes the satire gets a little raunchy. So keeping it on another site gives me more freedom to be daring.

I know there are scads of similar sites on the Web (all following the lead of the venerable Onion), but we’re trying to stand apart by making News2Lose more off-the-cuff and surreal. Our influences include the original National Lampoon magazine, SCTV, South Park and The Far Side. Oh, and another twisted source of inspiration comes by way of contempt for the "writer-in-residence" at my high school, who disparaged my humor writing as having "no literary value". Truth be told after all this time (something like 25 years), neither does she!

If you’re not easily offended, please take a look and let us know if you like what you see. And if you ARE easily offended, try this link to brighten your day in a gentler way.


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  1. "Nancy Grace Mauls Handler" — too good !

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