3 Minute Tour

I’ve noticed that a lot of you are paying regular visits to My Life Ashambles, which I infinitely appreciate (no doubt you keep expecting to see new posts–ha ha!). But traffic is rather low on the other sections of this site, and I realized that I have failed to give a proper tour of all that Ashamblesburg has to offer.

This blog is structured somewhat strangely, partly out of the flexibility afforded by Squarespace and partly out of sheer ignorance when I set it up. Rather than a traditional blog format where all the entries form a huge column which might be about one or more subjects, I’ve constructed several different blogs on one site. Some have multiple subjects and some are more singular. Some are purely discussion sections while others only contain links, photo galleries or file download areas. The result is somewhere between a blog and a standard Web site.

Here’s a list of the various modules and sections at Ashamblesburg and a brief description of each:

My Life Ashambles — this is the main blog that you see when arriving at ashamblesburg.squarespace.com. It currently consists of two subjects–"Bloggery", which is my random thoughts about various subjects, and "Site Info", which keeps you apprised of changes to the site.

Tangled Words — where I dump my original poetry, lyrics and other creative writing endeavors. You will also occasionally find discussions of writers, books, poetry, essays, articles, blogs, etc. here.

Cautious Consumption — contains posts about consumer awareness issues and features reviews of products and services, as well as alerts about good deals I’ve found on stuff.

The Issue Box — meant to be a forum for discussing hot-button issues away from the main blog, where they can be easily ignored by those who shun heated political, religious or ethical discussions.

AudioVisual Mayhem — all about music, movies, TV, radio and visual arts. New podcasts are announced here, and every two months I post a playlist of the music I’ve listened to in that time.

MegaPixel Chaos — a picture gallery of family pictures and more. Just click the thumbnails for a larger image. Many expensive print packages are available from the photographer.

Download Disarray — Lots of fun and useful files organized by subject. Video and audio files, software, documents and The Detuned Revue are housed in this location.

Unpasteurized Links — except for Our Shady Tree, the modules under this section take you to a page of links organized by subject. These desperately need to be updated and expanded, so I have quite a bit of work to do here. Discombobulated Locations is a list of friend’s sites, and other places you can find me on the Web.

Recent Activity — an extremely handy module for quickly viewing all new posts and updates throughout Ashamblesburg! A one-stop service for those of you with busy lifestyles.

XML Feeds! — if you’re into news aggregators (or angry gators), you can subscribe to individual Ashamblesburg modules. Then you can keep up with new posts and podcasts though automatic notification.

Archives d’Ashamblesburg — dig up entries from the days of Ashamblesburg past in these four archives. Organized by month and year.

The rest is rather self-explanatory. Whether you want to email me or leave general comments about the site, or if you simply want to make your presence known, we have modules to accommodate every whim. I hope this helps everyone find their way around Ashamblesburg with greater ease. I’ll be watching those traffic reports carefully.   Bouncing a ball.


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