Ashamblesburg Annex

If I may direct your attention to the Unpasteurized Links section to the right, you’ll notice that a new link has been added. A single click on Our Shady Tree will whisk you off to another blog–one that was recently created by my gorgeously competent wife, who we’ve come to know as "Jennifer".

While Ashamblesburg is focused on subjects such as insects, flaming skulls, enormous gorillas and geeky college music, Our Shady Tree is more concerned with family matters, fabrics and other dainty, motherly things. It’s the fabled "woman’s touch" that’s missing from the rustic downtown sections of Ashamblesburg. You can visit Our Shady Tree for another perspective on my life ashambles, and perhaps leave with a yummy new recipe. Trust me when I say, Jen would never lead you astray!


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