Everybody Loves A Pagan Festival

Flaming skull pumpkin.jpg

Well, if it isn’t Halloween already! I’m totally geared for this most delightful pagan festival. But you don’t have to be a pagan to enjoy this light-hearted exploration of our darkest fears.

I know that some of you don’t celebrate Halloween because of it’s association with Paganism and such, but I just can’t resist its twisted charms. My view of this day is purely secular. I ignore the origins of this "holiday" and have a frighteningly good time handing out treats and watching the kids stumble around in their costumes.

As a fan of horror movies and literature, and as someone who believes in exploring the dark side of life and human nature so that we can better understand it and avoid its pitfalls, Halloween is the one night out of the year when lots of people share my everyday interest. It’s like a nationwide sci-fi or horror movie convention that folks gleefully attend–what could be better?!?! Even the Super Bowl doesn’t have this kind of widespread appeal.

Now, to get your adrenaline going and put you in scaredy cat mode for today, check out this freaky German coffee commercial I found. Not recommended for anyone with a heart condition. And sound is required for optimum horror. Trick or treat!  Psychotic.


3 Responses

  1. Happy Halloween!For those of you interested in more of the history of Halloween, DL Ennis has a brief history over on the Lynchburg blog — http://lynchburgvirginia.blogspot.com/

  2. Well, you got me with the movie! Hope your Halloween was spectacular!


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