Let’s Revue

The podcasting has begun here at Ashamblesburg, with the release of our first installment of The Detuned Revue! If you want to receive it automatically in your newsreader you can subscribe to the feed here:

xml-orange.gif  The Detuned Revue RSS Feed

I was forced to limit the number of songs and weirdness due to the reduced capabilities of ACID XPress, so I basically just threw together a string of songs that have caught my attention lately. I encoded the resulting MP3 at 64kbps (supposedly "FM quality") to keep the file size small and to discourage piracy. If you find the reduced sound quality to be distracting, please let me know and I’ll tweak the bit rate.

The playlist for this week’s show is as follows:

1. ELECTRELANE – Only One Thing is Needed

2. PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES – A Certain Cemetery

3. ART BRUT – Formed A Band

4. THE AMAZING PILOTS – All My Wasted Days

5. ONE RING ZERO – Radio

6. THE HOLD STEADY – Multitude of Casualties

7. MOONBABIES – Slowmono

The next show promises to sport many enhancements over the first. I finally located a good freeware audio mixer that has a decent interface, allows for an unlimited number of tracks and provides a massive bunch of effects. It’s called Audacity, and comes in Windows, Mac and Linux flavors. ACID has a very nice interface and I would like to upgrade to the full version, but for the near future I think Audacity will work perfectly.

Another freebie utility I want to mention is ListGarden RSS Feed Generator. This simple program automatically generates the XML file required for syndicating Web sites or podcasts. All you need to do is type in titles, descriptions and URLs and it assembles a properly coded file. Squarespace handles the XML for newsfeeds behind the scenes, and so far it doesn’t support the media enclosure tag necessary for podcasting. So as a work-around I had to create my own RSS XML file for The Detuned Revue (thanks to Daniel for helping me test the feed!), and ListGarden made this task a snap. I can also use it to update the XML for future releases.

I hope you enjoy my very first podcast attempt. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, I’d be delighted to hear them!


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