The Detuned Revue

How about some site news to brighten your Thursday? Coming soon to Ashamblesburg, my wholly amateur attempt at "podcasting", The Detuned Revue! I’ll post a notice here once it’s launched, but future notices will appear in the Audiovisual Mayhem section. I hope to make this a bi-weekly feature.

Also, I wanted to mention again that you can quickly jump to the latest Ashamblesburg postings and updates from the Recent Activity section. Any changes to the many zones on this site will be listed in Recent Activity from newest to oldest.

Other plans for site updates include a greatly enhanced links section, original lyrics and poetry transferred from MySpace, reviews of products and services, new pictures from our recent trip to Michigan and perhaps some changes to the overall site appearance (if I can properly hack the CSS code).

Stay detuned!


One Response

  1. We’re looking forward to the PodCasts, great blogger in the sky! For those of us who live in the boonies, this could be the only culture we get all month!

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