Good Grief?

I had decided against posting anything about grieving mother and media hero Cindy Sheehan, but a friend sent me an op-ed piece by grieving father Ronald Griffin that offers another perspective. Another friend posted a bulletin on MySpace to announce vigils for Sheehan, as well as a fund for sending her pink roses along with a message of support.

No matter how overwrought her activism may be, I can’t criticize Sheehan for speaking her mind and channeling her tremendous grief and anger toward a non-violent external purpose. However, she has apparently neglected her family in the process, and she has proven yet again that the media are quite adept at making big, sweeping news out of intimate human interest stories. Especially when those stories highlight opposition to President Bush or the war in Iraq.

Another interesting item to note are the people who have rallied around Sheehan’s cause. It seems we’re getting the usual bunch of self-proclaimed “non-conformists” who always blindly follow whoever speaks to their political leanings. There’s no questioning of motives, no assessment of sincerity, no critical thinking of any sort that I can see. Howard Dean, Michael Moore, John Kerry, Jon Stewart, Cindy Sheehan…who’s next?

See you in The Issue Box.


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