Are Satellite People Reading My Thoughts?

Maybe it’s time to start wearing a tin foil hat, for I strongly suspect that the satellite people are reading my private thoughts!

That might be an over-reaction, but something really creepy happened today and I can’t think of a better explanation. First, let me give you some background info. Lately, I’ve really been into mashups. I’ll be writing more about them later, but for those of you who think I’m carbing myself up with massive amounts of potatoes, let me define the term:  Mashups are “compound songs” created by DJ’s or other music fanatics where they mix 2 or more songs together that have complementary elements such as the same rhythm, key, chords and/or phrasing, etc.

So I was listening to Sirius satellite radio while getting ready for work this morning, wondering if they ever play mashups. I was thinking that maybe one of the dance/electronic/techno channels might venture into such territory, though at the time I was tuned to their “anything goes” mix channel (one of my favorites), Sirius Disorder. I was out of earshot of the stereo for a while, but when I came back in the room the DJ says “since we’ve been talking about mashups, I’m going to play this one from The Grey Album“! He then played “December 4th”, which is a DJ Danger Mouse project where Jay-Z’s Black Album is mashed up with The Beatles’ White Album.

Kinda freaky, huh?  Psychotic.


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