Why Do They Hate Backpacks?

backpack_big.gifOnly two weeks after the last series of explosions in London Tubes and on buses, a similar (though considerably smaller scale) attack occurred not long ago. Updates are still coming in, but it appears that the explosives were once again concealed in backpacks. Which leads me to ask, why do they hate backpacks?

Is it because of the fear of backpacks that was instilled by reports of back problems caused by carrying too much weight? Are backpacks considered a symbol of Western decadence by some, due to their use by students in our advanced educational systems and by hikers enjoying the beauty of nature? I simply cannot understand what an unassuming little zippered nylon bag could have done to bring such wrath!

I know that other cultures see things differently, so perhaps some of the everyday utilitarian inventions that we take so much for granted are actually quite offensive to them. That’s just fine. But could you folks please destroy your backpacks somewhere away from populated areas? An empty parking lot or open field would be an excellent alternative location for blowing things up.

Blind hatred is fine, but safety and common sense should always come first.


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