An Energy Field Created By All Living Things (Except For Me)

OK, so now I have a new blog and a severe case of writer’s block. It’s not a lack of subjects to write about, but an overabundance of ideas and an underabundance of time and energy. Anyway, I’m gearing up for Thursday when I’ll take a break from work to go catch StarWarsEpisodeThreeRevengeOfTheSith along with the other fanatics. I’m more excited than a man of my age should be, but then this might be one of the last movies we’ll get from the old pop culture mythology. Soon enough I’ll be hauling the kids to the opening of the latest box office phenomenon, which may or may not be something with which I connect. Is this the end of the Star Wars era, or will LucasFilm somehow be able to keep the franchise vibrant and not water it down over the years like Star Trek?

If anyone is interested, let’s take it over to The Issue Box.


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