All my evil thoughts
Have come to roost down in my heart;
They flutter and they preen,
They beat their wings against my throat
Like a silent horror movie starring
A marbled actor with bulging black veins.

I wait for the stillness to seal me in wax,
Instead of altering my morbid chemistry.
I tumble into autumn like that season is a cavern
And I encounter no resistance,
No rocky outcroppings, not even a bottom.

A thousand black arrows in the sky move swiftly;
My heart is beating violently
Though my blood flows in silent shifts.
My eyelids flicker, eyeballs jerk,
Infused with mocking toxins.

If evil simply vanished when the bread was buttered,
There would be no hunger;
I awoke to a white wall sliced by a deep blue shadow.
The place where starving doves engorge on holy crumbs.



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